Descanso Hay & Feed is a very proud distributor of Purina Feeds.

With Purina Animal Nutrition, they don’t use the term quality control because to Purina, that implies after-the-fact testing. What they practice is quality assurance. That means their experts use a progressive, preventive, quality systems approach to help ensure their products provide the best possible nutrition and performance every day. And that’s how they’ve done things for generations.

Quality assurance starts at the beginning of the process with approved suppliers who meet Purina’s requirements. In fact, they reject thousands of tons of ingredients that don’t meet their stringent quality standards every year. And it means they don’t cut corners. They continually work to improve what they make. And how they make it. They also have countless quality checks throughout the supply chain. They proactively test and measure many raw ingredients and formulations to make sure they’re both safe and nutritionally accurate.

Purina uses Constant Nutrition® formulation. So after they test, they make refinements to their formulations to make up for naturally varying levels of nutrients in the ingredients.When you buy from Purina, you see the physical attributes of the feed and, they believe, the results of our nutrition protocols. What you don’t see is how hard they work to ensure their products deliver on their promise of providing the highest quality possible. But they know if they keep doing what’s right, you, their customers will keep coming back!

At Descanso Hay & Feed, our selection of Purina Products is wide…stop by and see for yourself!